Super Foods that may help Prevent Cancer

Research has over and over again proved that your diet has a lot to do with the general body of your health. Your diet will either potentially harm or support and nourish your body and as such you should always be mindful of your diet. Developing cancer is an incidence that is on the highest of rises, with a ratio of one in three having cancer of some form in their lifetime. The fortunate thing about this scenario is that there are many things that can be implemented to help prevent this animal called cancer.

Eating foods or a diet that has been proved to help prevent or have cancer-fighting benefits has a very high potential of saving lives. In addition, making sure that the foods you eat are organic and with more or large amounts of vegetables adds up to its initial potent of anti-cancer agents. The following foods can be considered as super foods with respect to preventing cancer.

1. Drinking Organic Tea

Green tea has been kin use for thousands of years and has proved to have numerous properties of fighting cancer. The antioxidants in the tea help in preventing the damage of body cells to boost its capability to fight or protect against the disease. Drinking up to three cups a day of green tea can be the change you need in your life. However, others can drink up to eight cups, especially women, to help in preventing breast cancer. Green tea also helps reduce the high levels of blood sugar that are attributed to increased risk of cancer.

2. Eat Wild Organic Blueberries

This is a very tasty way to prevent cancer for it contains antioxidants called anthocyanin that help prevent risk of colon cancer to be specific. Metastases – cancer spreading from its source – can be prevented or decreased by blueberries. In addition, this super food is on the rear end on the glycemic index and thus has no effect on levels of blood sugar as compared to other fruits. A cup of wild blueberries a day can help prevent you from cancer.

3. Eating Mushrooms

Many types of mushrooms have compounds that are beneficial with respect to preventing the risk of cancer. Ranging from maitake, shitake, reishi to button mushrooms; all these types of mushrooms have properties that boost the immune system to help prevent cancer. Maitake has been proven to reduce levels of blood sugar in turn reducing risk of cancer.

4. Eating Cruciferous Vegetables

These are vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, bok choy, Brussels sprouts, kale and many others that have been proven to have decreasing effects on the risk of cancer, breast cancer to be precise. All these vegetables have special nutrients only found in cruciferous vegetables that are very effective with respect to fighting breast cancer by blocking the growth of the tumor, thus reducing the risk of cancer.

5. Eating Garlic

Garlic helps fight cancer with its powerful plant phytonutrient called allicin that protects the body by killing tumor cells. It helps protect damaging of cells which can cause cancer. Through high consumption of garlic, studies have shown that stomach and colon cancer can be reduced by up to 50%.

Cancer is a chronic disease and as such it is covered by the European health card with respect to cancer treatment and prevention while visiting countries within the EU. Although the charges may not be absolutely free, they may be at a reduced price or cost. Ingesting these super foods alongside large volumes of organic vegetables can help in minimizing the risk of cancer development.

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