Student Health Insurance

Insurance for Students

Insurance for students is provided through an insurance company selected by the school and is a type of group insurance. The services covered in the plan are also selected by the school, vary from school to school, and are often performed at the school health center.

What does student health insurance include? Office visits at the school health center are usually free. Many times, x-rays, lab work, minor emergencies, and other services are also free or at low cost. Because there are so many variances among schools in what their insurance will cover, it is best to closely study the policy at your child’s chosen school.

Who needs student health insurance? If your child will remain covered under your own group health insurance policy and you have low deductibles, you may not need student insurance. If it is expensive to keep your child on your present insurance or you have a high deductible, you may consider putting your child on the school insurance. You need to be careful here, however, taking into account whether the policy covers vacations and the summers. But if you have no health coverage on your family now, it is wise to buy student insurance so your child will not have the risk of going without.

Benefits and Concerns

Benefits for medical services received by your student away from the health center will be lower and may involve a deductible. This includes private physicians, all other types of medical services (physical therapy, prescriptions, diagnostic services, etc.) and hospital care.

There is a very important point to also know: your child will sign up for student insurance at the beginning of the school year. He/she cannot usually get its coverage in the middle of the year.

Important points to consider when buying student insurance:

Most medical services are performed at the school’s health center. Services away from the school will cost more and may involve a deductible.

If your child will remain covered under your own group insurance, you may not need to purchase the school’s health plan.

Purchase school insurance if your child has no other health insurance, or if it is costly for him/her to remain on your present policy.

It is very important to make sure your child is covered on vacations.

Student insurance is often only available at the beginning of each school year.

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