Life and Critical Illness Insurance – Safeguarding your Health

Critical Illness Coverage in Life Insurance Policies

We know for a fact that life is uncertain and the inevitable can always happen at any time with out regard to status and age. When we think about life’s realities somehow it can’t be avoided to feel emotional especially when we think about leaving our family and dear friends behind. Since we cannot alter some facts of life, the best that we can do is to assure the future for the people we care about. It is such a wonderful idea of giving them the peace of mind and a legacy that they will surely appreciate even in your absence.

And that thoughtful idea can be in a form of life and critical insurance policy to assure you and your family of a brighter future. Life insurance coverage nowadays comes with a new package, as it already includes critical illness insurance. Most insurance company knows how the realities of life can cripple a person or leave them penniless. So they designed a new plan to incorporate with life insurance.

What does critical illness insurance covers?

Most people would never think or not even consider that a critical illness can also happen at anytime, especially when you feel physically fit and healthy. But reality would tell you that it can happen knowing very well that as we grow older we can become weak and sick. Or at any age you can experience illness at a critical condition.

Critical illness can cover different types of diseases. Which are mostly listed in life insurance coverage; somehow it can differ from one company to another. At a glance, here are few considerations:

Critical illness coverage can be added to your life insurance policies at an additional cost.

Most insurance company provides cover for a total of 41 conditions; that includes heart attack, cancer and stroke. But not all forms of cancer are covered.

Your insurance policy with critical illness coverage pays out on your chosen amount of cover, if diagnosed with one of the conditions that the insurance covers within the policy term. It also pays for terminal illness as long as you meet the insurance company requirements.

Your children are also included at no extra charge. However, terms and conditions apply depending on your insurance provider.

Life is a gift and very valuable that everyone should take more serious thought about the future of your family and protection comes first. Find out more about life and critical illness insurance here.

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