How to get rid of sore throat? Symptoms checklist

When a sore throat is developing rapidly it can be either a viral or a bacterial infection. One possibility is caused by a relation with viral infection such as the mononucleosis, flu, or common cold. The other possibility is throat infections can be caused by a bacterial infection such as haemophilus or strep. The inflammation causes the pharynx to become red and swollen. It can cause problems when speaking, keep you awake at night and make swallowing agony. When the nose or sinuses become infected, drainage can run down the back of the throat and stimulate it. Severe sore throat can also lead to rheumatic fever.

Before we get into home remedies, let me give you a list of what to look out for if you need to see your GP.

See blisters, white patches or pus on your tonsils.

Swollen lymph nodes.

A fever with a high temperature of 38C (100.4F) or over that lasts longer than two days.

A sore throat and mild difficulty breathing.

Hoarseness, laryngitis or you have a sore throat with a muffled voice.

Signs of mild to moderate dehydration.

Developed a sore throat after being exposed to strep throat.

A child with a barking cough or refusal to eat (infants and toddlers).

General fatigue

Those really do require a doctor and may mean medications. That doesnt necessarily prevent the use of How to get rid of sore throat home remedies, but they should be discussed with the doctor to prevent any Interference. Following more sore throat home remedies, some of them are very unique:

Licorice Root

Purchase a dried licoriceroot near your health food store or search for DGL tablets (supplements store). Mix it with hot water and grease the infected areas, but take into account that the DGL taste terrible. It should not be combined with medications that reduce potassium levels in the body. People with heart disease or high blood pressure should use caution when using licorice.

Honey and Lemon

Squeeze one lemon with a juice extractor then add 1/3 cup of warm filtered water to a clean glass (a high concentration remedy). Mix it with one tablespoon of honey till you get uniform texture. The lemon will help cut any post nasal drip while the honey coats the pharynx. Drink at least 4 times a day.

Marshmallow Root

This is not what you purchase in the supermarket (pink and white dice). Marshmallow root is functioning identically as licorice Root, drink it as a tea. It has the benefit of being useful for those who cannot stand the taste of licorice, because marshmallow now made from fructose corn syrup. It may make your blood sugar too low especially when combined with diabetes medication, so consult with professional before usesore throat remedy – Marshmallow root

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