4 Great Tips to Flatten Your Belly

We are all living busier and busier lifestyles, and many of us do not have enough time to exercise. As such we are looking at an obesity epidemic. Go on, next time you are in the city have a look around. I bet you’ll be surprised by the amount of people with large bellies. Now have a look in the mirror. Do you like what you see? If you’ve let yourself go and you want to flatten your belly, this article is for you. Here are four great tips for flattening your belly.


  • Burn more calories through exercise –  

    Cardiovascular exercise is any form of exercise that increases your heart rate, such as running, cycling, swimming, even walking. Cardiovascular exercise burns calories which in turn helps you loose weight.


  • Improve your diet –  

    A large problem from our busy lifestyles is that our diets have suffered as a result. If you truly want to flatten your belly it’s time to improve your diet. Stop eating those sugar-filled snacks and replace them with a piece of fruit. Also, make sure you get at least five servings of fruit and vegetables a day and five servings of 100% whole grains such as breads, pasta or oatmeal.


  • Work on your Abs –  

    Do you want that washboard stomach you see sports stars walking around with? Not only are they doing the two steps mentioned above, they are also working on their Abs, doing hundreds of Abs crunches and other Abs exercises every day, all in an effort to flatten their stomach.


  • Work on other parts of your body to mask your belly fat –  

    A flatter stomach is not only about losing weight, although you should be doing this for your own health. Working on your upper body muscles will make your stomach look flatter.



If you are looking to flatten your belly, then following the tips mentioned above should help achieve your results.

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